Owning All Of Who You Are

Do you find yourself saying things like, “Nobody understands me”? Or feeling a bit misunderstood, and unsure what to do with it?

The fact is, I have cerebral palsy. A disability that, although minor, affects me in various ways. I wasn’t consciously aware of the psychological effect it had on me until about high school when my coach, Susie, encouraged me to do a monologue by a performer with cerebral palsy. The results were overwhelmingly positive for me and accelerated me on a journey of further self­-discovery. It’s a process that will continue for the rest of my life, and one I increasingly embrace.

Looking back, I realize that I hid my thoughts and feelings about this part of who I am because it was something I didn’t like. Another reason is I was worried that people would get the wrong idea. Maybe they would see it as a victim mentality. For the record, it isn’t.

Lastly, I feared people thought of me as someone with cerebral palsy, first and foremost. I thought if I talked about it, that would only increase.

“The truth is, cerebral palsy is part of who I am, but far from my identity.”

Prior to the launch of my Dreaming Made Simple business, I made a decision.
It’s time to stop hiding. It’s time to stop avoiding something that is important to me.

Unlike the past, this go around, I chose to mention cerebral palsy on my “About Page”. My hope is to find and encourage others facing similar questions and difficulties.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe there’s an aspect of your life you would rather turn the other cheek to and not face. I’m here to encourage you:
We’re not meant to be alone. We need each other . The world, your world, needs to hear what you have to say. Speak up.