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Creative Jobs with Sara Taylor

Creative Jobs:

Sara Taylor is the Director of Communications at JB Chicago. I’ve known her for several years and can tell you that she is a wonderful example of persistence and unyielding desire to pursue dreams in creative jobs. Five years and two layoffs after college, Sara is now in the heart of her dream journey.

"I was born with a crazy desire to want to keep learning, and I have taken new skills from every job experience I've had. As long as I get to write and work in an environment that harvests creativity, I am a happy camper," Sara says.

Sara continues her story:

I chose a career path that I loved, but wasn't necessarily the easiest as far as getting a long-term job goes.

I started off in custom publishing with the goal of becoming a writer for several custom publications. When that didn't work out, I transitioned into an editor/marketing assistant for several trade publications in a variety of specialties: home decor, furniture, architecture, lighting. The more I immersed myself into the world of marketing involving promotional campaigns, strategy and creative work, I knew that that was what I wanted to focus on. About eight months ago, I finally landed a job that allows me to get my hands dirty in all aspects of marketing (online, print, social media, design, strategy and new business).  I also love being the main point of contact for clients, as it allows me to build strong relationships where I get to become a "semi-professional" in their business realm.

My dream was/is to establish myself within a company where I can utilize my writing, creative and project management skills while constantly learning new things. Ultimately, I want to be more not-for-profit marketing focused, so I am lucky that currently my company is consulting with a number of not-for-profit organizations on their marketing techniques.

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