What Do You Expect?

We hear it all the time: “You get what you are looking for,” and so on. But do we really believe that type of statement?  If so, prove it.

Recently, I got a reality check when I checked into my hotel room.


“Open doors you never knew existed,” the envelope for my key read.  Now, I’m not sure, but chances are that phrase is on every room key envelope at that hotel, and it’s been on them for some time.  It would be easy to miss.  It’s certainly not the norm to travel on the basis of hotel rooms and their inspirational messages, but I happened to catch this message.

Why this message, and why me?

Perhaps because I was looking for a confirmation of the open doors I sought.  My question, then, is how often do we find or miss what we are seeking, as a result of attentiveness?  What can we do about it going forward?

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