Miller's Musings: New Beginnings

This week marks the debut of my business, Dreaming Made Simple, which features practical strategies and resources to help make your dreams happen.

Announcing the launch has me thinking about new beginnings.  Here are some questions going through my head:  

How do you know when to begin?  If you have a story about starting a business, relationship, trip and so forth, I’d love to hear your thought process.

When beginning, how do you start?  Do you ease in or go all in as fast as possible?

Why do you start?

Is there something that you need to start?  What are you waiting for?

Do you have examples of previous beginnings that are still going strong?  How do you keep going?

Are new beginnings exciting, scary or both?  How do you manage your emotions?

What causes a good or a bad start?

What is the effect of starting vs. waiting?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with new beginnings.  Leave me a comment below or on the Dreaming Made Simple Facebook page.