Dreams: What Gifts Await You?


Editor's Note: This was originally posted last year, but it rings just as true a year later.

Wow, have we reached that point already? It’s Dec. 22, and you know what that means. Three sleeps till Christmas. All the excitement about this most festive time of year caused me to think about when I was younger. For weeks, there would be a pile of presents in front of our family Christmas tree. Many of the gifts had my name on them! Hopefully you can look back now with similar memories.

These days, the gifts I really want usually can’t be wrapped in a box - The best gifts at this age are either people or experiences. You know what I mean by experiences? I mean hopes and dreams.

Let me share a thought with you. What if our hopes and dreams are like those presents under the tree? What if there are hopes and dreams with my name on them, with your name on them, that are securely yours? It’s simply a matter of time before you are able to open them. How would that change your perspective on dreams, if you knew you were all but guaranteed to get specifically what you hoped for, or better? For example, did you ever ask for a piece of a Lego set for Christmas, only to get the whole set instead? Imagining dreams as Christmas presents sparks me to dream bigger and to keep dreaming where I have perhaps hit the pause button. How about you?

What "gifts" are waiting under your tree?