Behold the Possibilities

This picture reminds me of the heartland. Few things make my soul come alive like the lush fields of Illinois.

Gazing across the horizon, it’s as if the possibilities are as limitless as the eye can see.  There’s nothing standing in the way, just wide open spaces to dream, explore and create. Look at all that green!  It might as well be freshly-grown dreams, planted some time ago.  Of course on that day gone by, there probably wasn’t much to see.  No matter.  Memories of springs gone by were sufficient.  Seeds sprouted before, and they would sprout again, to be sure.  And now?  A wide expanse of vibrant green life rewards expectation.

So what’s the point, you may ask.  First, plant today so you can reap when the time is right.  Do what you know to do, and confidently wait.  Second, ask yourself, “Where can I go to refresh myself?  When I’m lacking inspiration, how do I regain what is missing?”  For some, the answer could be traveling.  For others, it could be going to an art gallery or to a sporting event.  We all need a reset from time to time.

What is your reset?  What refreshes you?  Leave a comment below