Carrying on a Dream


Here is another post in the "Featured: "What’s Your Dream?" series on Sam's Dream Blog. It allows readers to share what is the latest with their dreams, along with an e-mail address or Web site for more information. Today's guest, Brenda Paul, is an author and a sales development consultant.

Name: Brenda Paul

What’s Your Dream? My dream has been to write a novel. That dream started when I was a small child staying up until morning writing essays and studying the works of Edgar Allen Poe.  My motivation is my love for someone who fought a heart-wrenching battle with cancer. Johnny [Sardella] taught me so much about bravery, about respect, about never giving up, about believing, about love, and about having a dream. His dream was a simple one and that was to be happy every day. This book is dedicated to his life. My goal is to help at least one person who is facing what he was, to live through it with dignity and hope all the way to that stairway to Heaven. (Yes, he was a huge Zeppelin fan.)

I have learned to cherish a wonderful moment in every day, to never give up no matter what, and that it is never too late, as long as you are still breathing, to follow your dreams.

"Angel on the Right"
"Angel on the Right"

What's the latest with your dream? I am hoping to have the book complete by the end of this year (a lot sooner if I have a windfall prior to that!) Learn more: "John always called me his angel on the right, hence the title of the book," Brenda says. E-mail Brenda at: