Dreams: "I’m stuck. Now what?"

What do you do if you love to dream, and you’ve got your dreams list, but nothing seems to be happening with those dreams? "Will anything ever happen with my dreams?" you wonder. I’ve actually been asking myself some of those questions recently. Yes, even the most optimistic of dreamers are allowed to do that, but, as a friend once told me, "It’s OK to be down. Just don’t stay there." So how do you get back on the grid? How do you get back to taking one step at a time toward your dreams? Here are some suggestions.  Leave a comment below with what works for you!

Remember when you were a kid?  What did you love to imagine? Most kids don’t limit what they think is possible. Up to a certain age, kids are convinced they can be a president or a pro athlete. They don’t realize it, but often there is indeed an underlying reason a role appeals to them.  A doctor, for example, most basically, loves to help people. There are any number of roles you can do and achieve that dream of helping people.

Do you have a favorite author or speaker who often energizes you? TED talks sport the motto "Ideas Worth Spreading." Sounds like a good place to get your creative juice flowing again.

Talk to someone about your frustration and why you feel stuck. This person can help you troubleshoot.

Do you have a go-to friend who always cheers you up? As you dream, you should have a variety of friends. This friend can fill your hope tank.

Focus on the present. "My dreams are so far out there. Far beyond my reach," you might say. Well, what can you take action on right now? Is there one thing you can do to move toward your dream, or can you help someone else with his or hers right now instead?

Now get back to dreaming and doing those dreams! Remember, as Sam’s Dream Blog states, "From the personal realm to the professional arena, no dream is too small or insignificant. On the other hand, no dream is too big or unreachable. You just have to start somewhere."