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Do you know that you have been given a treasure chest full of gifts, skills and talents?  I can tell you from experience, there is always more waiting to be discovered!

My name is Sam Miller.  I was born with cerebral palsy, but that hasn't stopped me.  No way!  Instead, I am using my experience of continually overcoming limitations and finding a way to instill courage in my life coaching clients to pursue what they really want but were too afraid to try.  "Dream bigger, higher and wider," I say.  Go for it!

I’ve got a question or two for you:  

What if I was the one who could give you or someone close to you a ticket to the game of life?  What if I could reassure you that it's going to be OK, celebrate strengths and give a glimpse of the future?  

I can say all these things because I’ve lived through them and seen that my life continues to get better.  I’ve developed overcoming mindsets, interviewed some of my heroes, gotten married and become a homeowner! I’m here to help and demonstrate that the impossible is possible!