There’s always a way.  That’s the theme for much of my life, and you can be assured, Dreaming Made Simple coaching and resources have that heartbeat with you in mind.  

You see, I was born with cerebral palsy, due to a lack of oxygen at birth.  There is a wide range to CP; thankfully, what I have would be considered mild.  Mostly, it means that I have a weakness on my left side  – I used to fall every day, but thanks to training, teamwork and grace, now I fall maybe once a month.  

As a result of CP, I had to find another way to accomplish my dreams. Growing up, I was all about sports. However, I couldn’t play sports at the level that satisfied me, so I wrote about them.  How can you find another way to do what you love?

The vision of Dreaming Made Simple is similar.  

"A Simple Change Can Make a BIG Difference!"  So many people wait on their big dreams or goals because it takes a lot of effort or it’s overwhelming.  In actuality, everything starts with one step.  A series of small choices and changes is what adds up to the big difference.

What Dreaming Made Simple Offers:

1. Your first One-Hour session includes a free DMS Blueprint to insure that you walk away with a personalized gameplan.

2. You can also buy multi-session bundles if you are ready to commit to your dreaming and doing process.

3. The Dreaming Made Simple Starter Guide is an e-book with six momentum-boosting lessons geared toward your dreams and goals.