"A simple change can make a BIG difference!"  

So many people wait on their big dreams or goals because it takes a lot of effort or it’s overwhelming. In actuality, everything starts with one step.  A series of small choices and changes is what adds up to the big difference.


Long before I was a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Coach and Trainer, I had to overcome physical, mental and emotional obstacles nearly every day of my life. Armed with resiliency, grit and a resourceful mindset, I help youth, families, organizations and churches "find a way" with my can-do approach to obstacles and limiting beliefs.


I speak and train organizations and individuals, I coach and consult, and I write inspirational and strategic materials. After spending time with me, clients have fresh hope, vision and action steps.


Personal development is just that, personal. It's unique to you and your needs. We'll start where you are and develop a winning gameplan for you to get results that you feel great about!

What Dreaming Made Simple Offers:

1. Personalized coaching includes a free DMS Blueprint to ensure that you walk away with a winning gameplan.

2. If you or your organization needs a Pep talk or help executing the X’s and O’s, Coach Sam is your man!

3. Six-Week, topical, small Group Studies (Masterminds). guided group discussion aims at developing goals and vision to yield specific results.

4. The Dreaming Made Simple Starter Guide is an e-book with six momentum-boosting lessons geared toward your dreams and goals.